How it all began

Once upon a time, there were a bunch of Soundsystem-loving people which found a association (e.V.). For years we are creating and promoting Soundsystemculture around the ruhr, with the aim to create a network for actives and interessed. So far so good

A loose bond forges and wants to create a festival against the evil forces of the costs and the challenge of self-administration.

After the sad past years of the pandemic, finally it is time. We present our fest festival: JabbaDubbaDoo

Who are we

short story: Good friends
long story: We are members of SoundSystemKultur Ruhr-Revier e.V., Sankofa Soundsystem, Sightiva Hi-Fi and Zion Garden Soundsystem. For many months we have been meeting every Saturday for our planning rounds or on-site appointments to organise the JabbaDubbaDoo. Our goal is to host a great and festival and to grow a community for that.

All of us have different approaches to music, festivals, clubs and life. We are all driven by the idea of ​​creating a festival where all your and our ideas can find space and where all sound systems from the area can join together.

If time permits, we will present you our faces in form of a group picture. Until that day, pictures of our soundsystems should be enough 🙂