– Arrival is from 05/18/2023, 10:00 a.m
– Please travel exclusively via the intersection marked on the site plan
– If, unexpectedly, there is a backlog, do not block the road under any circumstances. Just drive an extra lap, please
– The southern access is reserved for rescue workers and closed to visitors
– Please leave by Sunday 12:00 p.m

We are sadly NOT free of barriers. The campsite is a meadow, there are slopes, the toilets are far from the campsite, now and then there is a step. All designable, write to us for specific info and we will find a solution!

- Camping will be on the meadow. Depending on the weather, the meadow can be muddy. The cars have to be parked seperately, so be ready for carrying your stuff 300m across the field
- For motorhomes, there are separate areas that are located next to the paved path. But you will park here on the meadow aswell
- Open fire is prohibited
- Please respect the night's rest and allow each other rest periods
- If you want to fill up drinking water, please take small containers with you that fit under a tap. We are working on a better solution

– There are permanently installed toilets on site that are sufficient for the number of visitors. The toilets are cleaned twice a day
- We will build 3 showers, which will provide a private option for showering. Warning: these showers won't have hot water. A cold shower is better than none... :P

– Please bring your own plate, cup and cutlery. We try to produce as little waste as possible
– Elias will provide vegan food for the whole festival
– Otherwise, self-reliability prevails
– Drinks can be bought all day in the barn
– Only bottled water (no glass) or drinks purchased at the counter are allowed in the barn

Please leave your dogs at home! A Soundsystem-festival is not a place for an animal.

– Children and young people under the age of 18 have free entry if they are accompanied by their parents
– There is a designated silent camp area where you can find space with your children

more information here: Site

– We separate our waste into packaging, glass, paper and residual waste
– Please seperate your rubbish and throw it in sorted at the rubbish stations. You can get garbage bags at the production office
– Butt stalks or cigarette filters belong in the trash! They pollute the environment and also pose a fire risk. Please use the ashtrays.
– be careful with your glasses

– ticket exchange from 18.02.23, 12:00
– No box office
– No day-pass
– the next atm is in the village, better take enough with you

There is a security team on site, a fire safety guard for 200 or more guests and central contact persons as first aiders

You still got Questions? Do not hesitate to contact us via our Contact-form.

We love calling!